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Environmental Health and Safety
The University of Mississippi

Waste Disposal

Waste Minimization Policy

As an institution of higher education, the University of Mississippi’s laboratories, offices and other facilities will be maintained as clean and healthy places of employment and study. The university’s policy is to minimize the production of hazardous and nonhazardous wastes and to prevent the production of air and water pollutants.

To this end, the university is committed to protecting the environment through waste reduction, conscientious recycling practices and by the reclamation of our waste materials. Every effort will be made to operate all university facilities responsibly and in compliance with the spirit and the letter of both the federal and state health, safety and waste laws and regulations.

It is a basic responsibility of all university employees and students to make the health and safety of their fellow human beings and the environment a part of their daily concern.

This responsibility must be accepted by everyone who conducts the affairs of the university, no matter in what capacity one may function.

By preventing or eliminating pollution production, we can improve the quality of our services, reduce our expenses, improve our efficiency and protect our environment.