Laboratory Services

The University of Mississippi

Waste Collection Schedule Winter Break 2018

Chemical Waste

  • Calls received by Noon (12:00) Dec. 14th will be picked up by Dec. 17th
  • No Solutions or reagents will be collected from Dec. 18th until Jan 2nd

Waste Solvents only

  • Calls received by Noon (12:00) Dec. 17th will be picked up by Dec. 19th
  • Extra Solvent Carboys will be available in the Natural Products Center basement

Bio‐Medical Waste

  • Calls received by Noon (12:00) Dec. 17th will be picked up by Noon Dec. 18th
  • No Medical Waste will be collected from Noon (12:00) Dec. 19th until Jan. 3rd
  • Spare Drums and Liners are available in the Natural Products Storage Room

Radioactive Waste

  • Calls received by Noon (12:00) Dec. 17th will be picked up Dec. 19th
  • No Radioactive Waste will be collected from Dec. 19th until Jan. 3rd
  • Empty Waste Containers are available for lab delivery until Dec. 19th

Shipping Hazardous Materials

  • Last day to schedule a US shipment‐ Noon (12:00) on Dec. 17th
  • Last day to schedule an International shipment ‐ Noon (12:00) on Dec. 14th
  • Last shipments go out on Dec. 19th

We’re Your On-campus Hazmat Experts

The staff of the Laboratory Services Division(LS) of Facilities Management would like to welcome you to the University of Mississippi. LS is your resource for safety information, training materials, spill response, environmental issues and hazardous-materials disposal on the Oxford campus. Call LS if you have any questions about a Laboratory procedure, a question about a hazardous material, need hazardous materials removed for disposal or require hazardous materials to be shipped, even halfway around the world. Remember, only LS personnel are authorized to provide these services to the university community.

On the UM Oxford campus, the LS Division is responsible for compliance with and enforcement of the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) Division of Radiological Health.

See specific regulations and policies in the UM Policy Directory.

LS also provides the safety training that is required of faculty, staff, graduate students and some undergraduates who work with biological, chemical and/or radioactive materials as well as those who use radiation-generating devices.


University Health and Environmental Policy

As a responsible institution of higher education, this university’s laboratories, offices and other facilities shall be maintained as clean and healthful places of employment. Every effort shall be made to design and operate all university facilities in compliance with the spirit and letter of federal, state and local health and safety regulations. The university shall endeavor to promptly provide current and comprehensive information on potential adverse health and safety effects as well as appropriate handling procedures for all hazardous materials handled by both our employees and our students.