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Environmental Health and Safety
The University of Mississippi

Protective Gloves Outside of the Laboratory

  • Laboratory gloves worn in chemical, biological or radiological work areas must be removed before leaving the laboratory setting.
  • Within the laboratory, gloves are used to prevent contamination between hazardous materials and individuals. Improper use of gloves outside of the laboratory setting may become a source of contamination to others. Even “clean” gloves can cause uneasiness and apprehension in others when worn outside of the work area.
  • Gloves should not remain on your hands when exiting the work area (including crossing the hallways), when answering the telephone, when opening or using uncontaminated equipment, or when touching door handles. Contaminated materials should not be removed from the laboratory without overpacking the container. This simple procedure will reduce the potential for accidental exposures and eliminate the need for gloves when traveling between laboratories.