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Environmental Health and Safety
The University of Mississippi

Laboratory Closeout Procedures


These procedures will assist personnel in safely removing all hazardous substances from a laboratory area and ensure that an area is free from hazardous contamination.

These guidelines apply to ALL laboratories, darkrooms, stockrooms, shops, research/teaching/maintenance facilities, and any other area where hazardous materials are used or stored.

As the Principal Investigator, it is the Supervisor / Faculty Member’s responsibility to ensure that all areas they supervise are properly decontaminated before the research staff vacates.

Biological and Pathological Materials

  • Disinfect work surfaces that may be contaminated with biological agents.
  • Autoclave and dispose of unwanted biological agents in appropriate containers.
  • All sharps (needles, pipets, lancets, broken glass, etc.) must be placed in puncture proof containers for disposal.
  • All waste must be clearly labeled and Laboratory Services (5433) must be contacted for removal.
  • Refer to Sharps and Biological Waste Disposal Flow Chart (.pdf file).

Hazardous Materials and Chemicals

  • All chemicals must be labeled and sealed.
  • All waste must be clearly labeled and Laboratory Services (5433) must be contacted for removal.
  • Wipe all surfaces and equipment with a warm solution of soap and water. This includes fume hoods, bench tops, refrigerators, sinks and floors.

Radioactive Materials and Radiation Generating Devices

  • A wipe test must be done on all surfaces and equipment where radioactive materials have been used.  Please submit this data to Laboratory Services.
  • Radioactive waste (pdf file) must be properly packaged. Contact Laboratory Services to request disposal of Radioactive Materials (pdf file).
  • Remove all “Radioactive” labeling and signs from equipment once it is decontaminated.

The lab will be certified as Declassified by Laboratory Services when :

  • All Lab equipment has been decontaminated and surveyed,
  • All Radioactive materials are removed and secured,  and
  • All survey results are accepted and approved by Laboratory Services.