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Radioactive Material Lab Security

The Radiation Safety Committee enacted procedures for disciplining individuals responsible for leaving lab doors open or unlocked, when unoccupied. These procedures are designed to promote compliance with State, Federal and University regulations regarding Radioactive Materials Laboratory Security.

All Authorized Individuals were instructed in Lab security requirements, in detail, during recent retraining sessions.

Radioactive Material Lab Security Plan

  • A warning ticket will be placed on the lab door whenever a lab is found unsecured or unlocked and unoccupied.
1st offense: Notify the Individual charged, Lab Supervisor, Department Chair, Dean, Vice Chancellor for Research and all the members of the Radiation Safety Committee of the person’s ID (when known), the lab location, date and time and responsible supervisor.
2nd offense: Enact a loss of individual key privileges for 2 months and completion of materials training.
3rd offense: Enact a loss of individual key privileges for 6 months.
  • The offense counter will be reset during retraining each calendar year for every Authorized User.
  • The individual in violation will be able to submit a written appeal to the RSO within a period of 10 days after notification of the violation. This appeal will be submitted to the Radiation Safety Committee for final Action. Individuals can request a formal hearing if they desire.
  • Any violations outside of the scope of these procedures will require the responsible individual to meet with the Radiation Safety Committee for possible disciplinary action..

If you have any questions regarding the security of Radioactive Material Labs or these procedures, please call  Laboratory Services at 915-5433.