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Environmental Health and Safety
The University of Mississippi

Autoclave Test Kit

User Responsibilities and Instructions

Like all pieces of equipment, Autoclaves must be checked regularly to ensure proper operation. Health and Safety issues test kits to all Autoclave supervisors in the spring and fall of each calendar year. The supervisor is responsible for having the test kit processed with a normal load in a timely manner, and for the safe return of the kit to Health and Safety.

The Department of Health and Safety tests all operational autoclaves biannually, and as needed after major repairs, to ensure proper operation. As a general rule, Health and Safety will only alert the supervisor if the test indicates a problem with the unit. Health and Safety personnel do not repair Autoclaves.

Autoclave test user instructions:

  • Place the test kit, horizontally, toward the bottom front of the normally loaded autoclave.
  • Process the load as recommended by the autoclave manufacturer-usually 60 minutes @121C (250F), 18PSI-for a typical kill cycle.
  • Remove the test kit and allow the kit to cool. Check for steam exposure (The chemical indicator strip located in the clear window should change from off-white to brown on exposure to steam).
  • Complete the Autoclave Test Report. Place the report and the test kit in the envelope provided, and return to The Department of Health and Safety.