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Environmental Health and Safety
The University of Mississippi

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety is to reduce the risk of illness or injury to all people at the University of Mississippi by developing, implementing, enhancing and improving programs that provide training, guidance, technical expertise and support services to all campus activities and programs.

Environmental Health and Safety supports the mission of the University of Mississippi by providing innovative leadership, services and resources to assure a safe and healthful working environment, and to ensure that University facilities and programs operate in compliance within the spirit and the letter of health, safety and environmental regulations.

Environmental Health and Safety will strive to be recognized as a department that fosters excellence through honest communication, technical expertise and teamwork.

The personnel at Environmental Health and Safety work to foster a culture where safety is regarded as a partnership between the students, the staff and the faculty, and a culture where safety is considered everyone’s responsibility.

Environmental Health and Safety requires safe practices in all activities, and at all levels of employment and education, that involve the potential for exposure to hazardous chemicals, biohazards or radiation generating devices and materials. By providing current, comprehensive and high quality training programs, Health and Safety empowers our students and our staff with the knowledge they need to learn, to discover, and to work at our institution while protecting themselves, the public and the environment from unnecessary risk or harm.

The staff at Environmental Health and Safety produce publications that detail the potential adverse health effects, and the best practices for the safe handling of hazardous materials.

Environmental Health and Safety supports research endeavors by providing free testing of steam sterilization units and autoclaves, testing and rating the efficiency of laboratory fume hoods, monitoring the daily Radiation exposure of our researchers, review proposals, protocols, and laboratory procedures, shipping research samples and hazardous materials around the globe for our institution, providing medical, pathological, radiological and hazardous waste disposal services to the entire campus community, and providing “around the clock” emergency spill response services.

Environmental Health and Safety works together within the University community to minimize individual risk, to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, and to protect the welfare and the safety of our students and our community.