Laboratory Services

The University of Mississippi

How to Purchase Radioactive Materials



  1. Complete a Radioactive Material Purchase Application

A Radioactive Material Purchase Application form (DHS-026) may be obtained from the Laboratory Services Department webpage.  The form must be completed before it is sent to Laboratory Services or the order may be delayed or cancelled.

  • Purchases of $5000 or less only require a written quote from a vendor for the material(s) to be purchased,
  • The form must be dated and signed by the Principle Investigator,
  • The Cost Center / Account Number (account number) must be entered,
  • The form must be signed by the Signatory Officer, and,
  • The form must be delivered (mail, FAX, E-mail) to Laboratory Services for review and processing.
  1. Purchase, Receipt and Delivery of Radioactive Materials
  • Completed application forms will be processed into a purchase requisition,
  • The materials will be ordered by Procurement Services,
  • All Radioactive material(s) are initially delivered to Laboratory Services, and,
    • Inspected,
    • Checked for leakage,
    • Surveyed for removable contamination (as applicable) and,
    • The material will be added to the University Inventory.
  • Laboratory Services will deliver the material and the associated paperwork to the authorized location of use, properly store the material, and notify the intended recipient.
  1. Notify Procurement to process payment for the materials

Following the satisfactory receipt of the material, the PI must notify to process a GOODS RECEIPT for the Purchase Order # _____________.